Levels of play:
  • A is for competitive players
  • BB is for intermediate players (ability to pass or spike well)
  • B and Rec are for beginners learning the game
    Current leagues and upcoming seasons:
  • Monday B or B/BB: June 22nd
  • Tuesday B/BB or BB/A: June 23rd
  • Wednesday BB or A/AA: July 15th
  • Thursday Rec/B or B/BB: July 16th

If you are an orphan player, your fee is $60. Please email us asap with your name, which night, and what level you would like to play. We'll do our best to match you with a team.

If you have a team, please assign a team CAPTAIN. The team captain will be responsible to collect all dues from the team members before payment to SNAFU which is $240 per team. Please make your payment as early as possible. Each captain please email us your team name, team members, night and level.

Each team could have up to 8 people on the team roster. The fee is $60 per person (same as 10 years ago at Kahunas) or $240 per team. Multiple night player discount applies (extra night $40 each per player). Please make payment to your TEAM CAPTAIN, then we will collect from them. Let us know if you have any questions. Please talk to Bonny if you need any financial assistance paying your fees, she will work with you.

We are looking forward to another great season. Let's drink some beer, hang with friends and play some ball together!

Chris Matt and Bonny


We are OPEN
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