Guidelines for Referee:

  • All the appointed games are on volunteering basis. We recommend for everyone to ref at least one game. It is a good way to connect with other players and learn new aspects of the game. Your team can decide which team member is going to ref the appointed games. Let us know if there is any time restriction or schedule conflict that would make it difficult for you to ref. We can always make other arrangements.
  • Please call your own hands and net. Sometimes it is difficult to see all the net play from a lower angle. We are all friends here. We are proud to play fair and be honest. You will be able to sleep like a baby or a puppy, or a very drunk person at night.
  • The Rec/B and B/BB games are the more relaxed leagues. Calls should be not as strict unless the play is absolutely "your mama won't even claim you" ugly with super spins or being carried and held from the "catch and release program." You get the picture.
  • For all the BB/A and A/AA games, you all should know the rules. Some examples:
    1. No attacking on served balls.
    2. No open hand receiving on served balls, or it has to be "Squeaky" clean.
    3. Hand setting… again CLEAN with very minimal spin.
    4. No open hand digging, palming, lifting, or throwing the ball. (I mean, come on now, you all should know better)
    5. And all the others...
  • If you have any questions, please talk with SNAFU management, Dave Carstenson or Mike O'Rourke. When in doubt, outdoor USAV/AVA rules will be enforced. Please be consistent with all calls on both sides of the court. Remember, you are Switzerland, please be netural.


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