Rules & Regulations:

  • All league matches are best of 3 games. Game scoring is done with rally scoring where a point is issued after every play. Games 1 and 2 play to 21 points If there is a 3rd game for tiebreak, it goes to 15. All games are won by at least 2 points.
  • Please arrive on time to avoid a forfeit (10 minutes max. delay time). Be courteous to inform your teammates and SNAFU for any games that you cannot attend.  
  • Rosters must be completed by the second week game. Each team is allowed to have up to 6 people on the roster. All games must have at least one female player present. During the regular season, each team needs at least 2 players from its roster for the game to avoid a forfeit. You then can pick someone from your own league to sub in. During playoff, semi, and finals, ONLY the players on its own team roster are allowed to play.
  • Each team will be appointed and scheduled to ref & keep score for some of the regular season games. SNAFU will provide the guidelines.

No outside food or beverages are allowed on the premises with the exception of your own water and sport drinks. Grass Flats Bar & Grill will have bottle water and sport drink for sale along with its full menu and bar. SNAFU provides ice water for all the games.

  • All rules & regulations are subject to change without notice. Please check with SNAFU management if you have any questions.
  • All standings are based on a point system:
  • Match finished in 2 games: winning team gets 3 points, losing team gets 0 point
  • Match finished in 3 games: winning team gets 2 points, losing team gets 1 point
  • If same points occur, it would go to most total matches won, then head to head, then record vs. common opponents.
  • Every game COUNTS! Let's play hard and have some fun!

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